The Intersection

ImageA short drive from my home there is an interesting intersection known as the “Four corners of the Law.” Charleston City Hall sits on the Northeast corner. The former Capitol Building (now the County Courthouse)  sits on the Northwest corner. Below it sits the Federal Courthouse and across the street is St. Michael’s Episcopal Church. These 4 buildings represent the laws of the city, state, federal government, and God. 

On a carriage ride through the city a few months ago, I found this intersection intriguing. In some ways, this is blog will utilize a similar metaphor. Here I will write about leadership. 

Leadership, however, can be found in many areas such as business, politics, education, and the church. Sometimes I will deal with leadership in one sphere. At other times, leadership will span boundaries. The student of leadership will always find a lesson in the posts contained within. 

One final thought:  I write with perspective. I am an Evangelical Christian. My analysis should reliably filter events and musings through a Christian lens in the same way that Ted Kennedy’s moral compass always pointed left.

Some posts will discuss current events; others will simply be musings or abstract ideas I have been pondering. All will contain a lesson on leadership. Some will be obvious. Others, may take time to register. Here is the first lesson: Leadership is an interdisciplinary, interchangeable skill. You can learn from one field and apply the lessons to another. The best leaders do this all the time. 

-Darin Gerdes, Ph.D.

N. Charleston, SC



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